Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lunch Meeting with President APJ Kalam of India

April 28th

Met President APJ Kalam at Columbia University where he received the Hoover Award. What a great person.... with compassion, knowledge and high ideals. I can see how he is a people's President. His advice to the community: " Serve the country where you are settled. You are settled in America do the best to strengthen America. If you are going back to India come as entrepreneurs and create jobs ".

His perspective on Hindu American Seva Charities, "Suffering has come to America in a bigger way. Many people are hurting. Indian Americans will be ready to receive help and give help to the larger community. They are ready to build communities. Focus on character building also in your initiatives........ In Turupati Temple money and gold is donated in huge amounts. I (President Kalam) spoke with one the most learned acharyas there and suggested they put a poster which says if you have a court case against your brother or sister drop it in the Hundi, if you have time go and educate a child.... you must serve...."


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