Monday, April 16, 2012

HASC promotes seva, tradition and social justice

Hindu American Seva Charities is working hard to bring the Hindu Seva and
social justice voice to the forefront, nationally, in many arenas. HASC
is working to make service and volunteering a defining part of Hindu
American life and culture. Our goal is to increase civic engagement, to
increase and promote volunteering and interfaith collaboration while
addressing our nation's needs and social justice issues. Below are a few
recent examples:


HASC is working with the Military families and with Captain Pratima
Dharm to support their needs at the base and is advocating development of
more "Seva Centers" in temples for this effort. HASC's goal is to empower
the community and address concerns at the local and national levels. As
a member of the Odyssey Network, a media organization delivering videos of
interfaith news beyond the headlines and inspirational stories of faith in
action, HASC is working to accomplish this goal. Here is the voice of the
First Hindu Chaplain in the US Army.

*Department of Health And Human Services (hhs)*

HASC is working with the Department of Health and Human Services to
promote yoga from a Hindu perspective. In collaboration with Dr. Dilip
Sarkar, Eddie Stern, Dr. M.G. Prasad, and Dr. Sane, HASC has provided a
brief primer on yoga from a Hindu perspective to HHS. Last summer, HASC
promoted the YogaPala Challenge nationally and in 2009 conducted a national
yogathon with temples across the country to celebrate Janamashti, honoring
the greatest Yogi - Krishna. Health for Humanity conducts annual
yogathons at Makar Sankranti, in honor of the sun's northern trajectory,
symbolizing light (sun) coming into our lives. The recent HHS
blog highlights our collective efforts.

Read more about it in Communities on the


HASC joins renewed call
to reauthorize the*
Against Women Act of 1994

HASC endorses Interfaith Moral Action
<>on Climate

HASC joins over 110 Groups to Urge
Attorney General Eric Holder to Open an Investigation of NYPD

*Stay tuned for our upcoming briefings and conferences with the White House:
April 20th: Strengthening Dharmic Places of Worship
August 3rd: Hindu American Future: Seva, Innovation and Tradition

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