Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Announcement: Seeking community leader/s to coordinate and lead security infrastructure effort

Dear Dharma Community

Recent tragedies underscore the need for our Dharmic community to be able to train itself and build capacity to better protect itself.

HASC is working with the Department of Homeland Security to assist the Dharmic and Hindu community increase security of faith infrastructures.

We are starting this effort in New Jersey. The effort requires a statewide leader/s to lead the initiative and coordinate it statewide with DHS and our places of worship, our temples.

It will require working with the temples and community organizations to develop an outreach program with DHS to provide training for our temples and for our congregations so that they can better protect themselves. This is a part time effort where most coordination can be done on weekends and after working hours.

We urge community members to come forward and take a role in collectively developing a security infrastructure for our community. DHS is most eager to work with our community to strengthen our Dharmic places of worship.

Please let us know of your interest.

Thank you

HASC team

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