Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Count My Seva! I Pledge to Vote...

Today polls are open in many states. Get your seva voice heard.  Go out and vote. If you are not registered to vote, click here to register to vote in your state.


Transform your seva values into action at the polls. 

You can apply your seva values of ethics, spirituality and pluralism to the political process and bring a positive social,  political, economic, health, education, geo-political change. But only if you get involved and vote.

Voting is our right to influence the direction of our country and the way political seva is conducted. We must get our vote counted and voice heard! In our tradition, seva (service as awareness of self transformation) is a key expression of our spiritual practice (sadhana). Our actions prepare us for our salvation, moksha, through inner transformation.

Our seva, for decades, has influenced the many communities we live in, work and raise our families. We have been feeding the homeless, conducting blood drives, teaching the inner city children, hosting langars, healthcamps….. positively impacting our communities in seva centers in temples, gurudwaras, satsangs, yoga studios, meditation centers, many seva organizations (not-for-profits) and interfaith destinations .
But we have not fully engaged in the civic and political process. We have not brought our transformative seva awareness, the voice of social justice to the forefront.  Pledge to Vote today.

Many of us who do seva (service as a self realization process), find we are applying the principles of our spiritual practice (sadhana) in many spheres of our lives and are transforming.  Our namaste honors Divinity within each of us.  We serve understanding the whole world is one single family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam). We find our seva affecting our inner self, and see its experience of ethics in the way we work and play, what we buy, the way we treat people, and how we engage in relationships. Let’s extend that transformative awareness to the decisions we make for our schools, communities and our country.

We urge you to go and vote. Your Dharma and Values Based voting matters.  Read more at SevaVotes.org

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