Friday, October 8, 2010

The first WashingtonPost blog about Shakti and Hindu goddess.....

What a wonderful way to start our Navratri celebration. today.. .. Another historic first  .... the first Washington Post On Faith blog.......with... the Shakti perspective of the Hindu woman and goddess in our culture........

A blog written by Saumya Arya Haas, Hindu American Seva Charitie's social media advisers, entitled "Honor women: honor Devi, the (Hindu) Goddess" is on the Main Page of the Washington Post today.

We ask you ALL (men and women) to write your comments about the blog - washington post or here on our blog

During this Navratri, let us honor women and the ShaktiSeva. an initiative launched by Hindu American Seva Charities

Thank you for promoting the seva... please share this with your friends.....

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