Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ShaktiSeva - Honor the feminine strength....

Navaratri honors the many aspects of Devi; symbolically of feminine strength and of value enrichment within one self.  Join the ShaktiSeva movement and highlight, bring to the forefront the spirit of the Festival, the energy within oneself, through dialogues, telling and sharing stories, helping women’s organizations.  Let us “Listen, Learn and Inspire” each other.
  1. Explore the contemporary meaning of Shakti in our lives by telling and sharing your stories.  Invite (as in Minnesota)  women guests to talk about success in their lives and their shakti (power).
  2. Hold Shakti parties and events and invite women to come and share their views. Read about American Shakti.
  3. During all the celebrations of Navaratri, honor the strength (shakti) of the women present by acknowledging the overcoming of the many trials and tribulations through the journey of life.
  4. During this month as part of the women’s empowerment month, HASC in partnership with Asian Indian Women in America and many other secular and faith based organizations  is hosting a conversation Tina Tchen, Executive Director of Council on Girls and Women.  In forming the Council President Obama said, "The purpose of this Council is to ensure that American women and girls are treated fairly in all matters of public policy." 

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  1. post by Dr. Kumud Sane

    This is our story at Hindu Temple of Minnesota. The summer vacation is over and children are back in school. The change in the weather is like a nature’s power switch turned on to next season. The colors of leaves on trees turned red, orange, and yellow with lot of green. Women are happy to get in to the family routine and start planning for festivities of NAVARATRI.
    This year we had “ladies night out” with idea of getting together to know each other. Empower women to get involved in Seva activities. On Friday Sept 24, 2010 the fun started at 7:30 pm. With light snacks and music. Short introductions from members found that we have Yoga teacher, Seva group who are active in the community. Mehendi artists, neck and foot masseurs got busy in no time.
    The foundation of women’s support group was major progress besides raising needed funds for the Hindu Temple. Everyone had great time but only 17 continued to tell stories in late hours of the morning of Sept 25, 2010 before going home.
    Hindu Youth group (HYMN-Hindu Youth Member Network) was ready to show their skills by organizing a “Ratri before Navaratri” night with phenomenal success on Oct 2, 2010. The gathering of 300-350 young and adults helped to raise funds for the first such function. Local school students with their Hindu friends enjoyed the Dandia and music. Food was always the major attraction at such functions.
    The navaratri celebrations were ahead of the first day of month Ashwin on 8th of October 2010. Nine days of celebration of our unique feminine Deities namely, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati is major festival in many parts of India. Ramayana path and on 10th day Vijaya Dashmi will be observed with great fanfare in Ayodhya, birth place of Rama and also in other states.
    On 15th of October singing of mothers greatness is tradition in North India called “Mata ki Chowki” is done with great devotion. Men and women sing in melodious voice about the love and sacrifice of the mothers. The ultimate Shakti the feminine energy in the world.