Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Request for volunteers for floods in New Jersey

Namaste friends

As you know many people have been affected by the floods. Volunteers are needed to help with the cleanup and rebuilding effort. People of all faiths and no faiths are helping all those who have been affected. See a story here http://www.northjersey.com/news/129282843_Ridgewood_church_lends_a_hand.html

Hindu American Seva Charities has connected with Governor Christie's office and with FEMA. FEMA has just opened an office in Paterson, NJ and will be going door to door to see what the need is.

We are reaching out to our communities - The Indian Americans, people of eastern and western traditions, the yoga community, the Hindu Americans, the temple community, the professional community to mobilize volunteers to join hands and help our fellow brethren in the Garden State.... in the spirit of Raksha Bandhan. Please note your organization will be given FULL credit to your seva. We just want you to come and help!

We particularly request the temples to communicate to the devotees, to put up signs and ask them to volunteer. We ask the yoga community to provide free yoga as stress relief.

Please open your hearts, your resources, your time. Please join us, let us collaborate to serve.

Below is a request from Red Cross, one of our partners

Over the next 7 days we need volunteers to help with mass care. Can your organization put together a team of 10-15 (more or less are invited!) to help us out?

Details are being worked out as I speak, but we wanted to begin the process of reaching out to you to start getting volunteers. Please just respond with interest and I will get you details as they emerge.

The project includes the offloading of trucks; on-loading of Emergency Response Vehicles; driving out to various locations around NJ and caring for the people hit hardest by Hurricane Irene. The above steps are going to be mixed; but if an individual wants, we can make certain they are part of every step.

This will be ongoing over the next 7 days: work days and weekends included. We need teams for all times.

Your teams are more than welcome to wear your logos. Bring out your press and communications teams to document them (or we will send you pictures).

We can adhere to any schedule--2 hours; 8 hours; whatever you wish. Mass care is ongoing at all times.

If any of one is interested, send them to me! We need 100's.

Thank you so much for your time and help!
Karen Horn, Major Gifts Officer
Red Cross of Northern New Jersey

Please contact any of us - niki@hinduamericanseva.org, hanumancapital@gmail.com, seva@hinduamericanseva.org

Thank you for your prompt response.

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