Monday, September 5, 2011

The State of Formation 2011 Call for Contributors

The Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue is working right now to identify top emerging religious and ethical leaders from around the country to become Contributing Scholars for its State of Formation forum. They are kooking for folks who have graduated from college and are either pursuing graduate education or have begun to work in a sector that is related to their religious or ethical community

The journal does not have many Hindu American writers and have asked me to help with the nomination process. It would be wonderful to get a good number of Hindu nominees, and I was wondering if there emerging religious or ethical leaders who you might consider nominating or alerting to this opportunity. Those of all traditions would be welcome, provided they are less than three years out of a graduate program and highly involved in their religious or ethical community. The Call for Nominations can be found online here.

We would be grateful for any help in identifying these emerging leaders. Please send your nominations to

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